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In a career that has spanned four decades, there is little that Mike Harden has not seen. As an entrepreneur, executive, teacher, mentor, and coach, he has honed his skills and developed an exceptional depth and breadth of knowledge. His experience and insight has made him a sought-after coach and advisor for those charged with guiding their organizations in complex times. With nearly 14,000 hours of coaching CEOs and other C-level executives — Mike is committed to helping good executives become great leaders.

Mike Harden is:

  • The CEO of Clarity Group, offering top-level executive coaching to CEOs, COOs, Presidents, and business owners.

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  • A seasoned international executive who has worked for companies including Bank of America, CitiCorp, Sterling Software, BancTec, and Fiserv. He has spent 20 years at the CEO/COO level.
  • Experienced in building companies from the ground up. With Fiserv, Mike was charged with building and running the company’s government contracting division. Starting with one employee and no revenue, he grew the division to over 1000 people with revenues of $50-$60 million within 14 months.
  • A successful entrepreneur who tackled emerging technology with his ventures, Century Technology Services, a Y2K preparation business, and Cytivity Corporation, an internet security company. Mike testified before numerous Congressional committees on emerging technology and Y2K.
  • A trusted advisor to business and government leaders from around the world.
  • A Master Chair with Vistage International, a think tank for CEOs. In this role, he facilitates peer-to-peer advisory boards and provides one-on-one coaching to members.
  • A trusted source on industry events for news organizations including The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and CNN.
  • A respected lecturer and professor. Mike lectured at George Washington University; held the position of Professor at Strayer University; and was an Assistant Professor at the University of Maryland.
  • A former Army Ranger and second-degree black belt in Ju Jitsu. He teaches both Ju Jitsu and knife fighting, though usually not to his executive clients.
  • A graduate of Virginia Tech with a BS in Sociology. He earned his Masters’ in Management from Central Michigan University and attended George Washington University’s Executive Management Program.

Mike Harden provides each client with a customized coaching experience guided by decades as a CEO/COO. With empathy and compassion, he helps executives break through the plateau of good and climb to greatness. 

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  • Mike is my go-to mentor for business. Working with him has given me the ability to bend the learning curve in business. When I discuss issues with Mike, he always provides me with great perspective, alternatives to consider, and his honest opinion. He is very giving with his time and genuinely cares about the people he works with. I wholeheartedly recommend Mike to anyone who is seeking to enhance their executive skills.

    - Anthony Fung, Chairman, Catapult Consultants

  • Mike is an excellent mentor, advisor and business man. Since joining Vistage in July 2009, under his coaching, I have made better decisions as a CEO of Navstar and am a better leader. I can't say enough good things about Mike's abilities to mentor and coach executives.

    - Joanna Alexis, CEO Navstar

  • I consider Mike and Vistage to be the most valuable investment I’ve ever made in my development as a business leader, it is not possible for me to recommend him more highly.

    - Kevin Burke, Founder & CEO Centuria

  • It has been my great honor to be in Mike Harden's Vistage group for the past two years. He is an oustanding leader, mentor and motivator for results. I can honestly say that Mike has made a tremendous difference in the way I now lead my organization, analyze business decisions and marketing and my overall approach. It has been nothing less than phenominal and my organization has benefited from the results, even during a challenging economic time. As importantly, he is extremely personable but holds you accountable for meeting goals. I highly recommend Mike Harden.

    - Kari Luther Rosbeck, CEO Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance

  • Mike is a great Executive Coach. In the four years we’ve worked together he has provided sound guidance and has helped cultivate my leadership abilities. Mike combines his vast business experience with his ability to help distill problems into their simplest form. The result is better decisions, made more quickly and effectively. Since engaging Mike, our company has experienced rapid, sustainable growth, and with his help, I expect we will continue this trend for years to come.

    - Dave McTaggart, CEO Armature Corp.

  • Mike is extremely inspirational and energetic - a natural leader. He has a natural gift of making those around him enthusiastic about the Leadership and Strategy.

    - Raj Kosuri, CEO Ecomnets

  • Mike is both an outstanding business leader, and a great business coach to other leaders. His commitment and professionalism are the highest standard you can find. He is the best!

    - Declan Maguire, Chair Vistage International

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